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What chickens can teach us about hierarchies: 6 Minute English

3 дней назад

Humans work together all over the world. When we do, we tend to organise ourselves into a structure so we can work more effectively. But does this actually help ...

New hope for brain cancer patients: Lingohack

3 дней назад

This is an updated version of a video published on October 10 2018. There was an error in one of the definitions in the original, which has now been corrected.

First woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years: Lingohack

3 дней назад

The story… First woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years Learn language related to… Inventions Need-to-know language ground-breaking – innovative; ...

Marvel Comics' Stan Lee dies: BBC News Review

4 дней назад

Marvel Comics' writer and editor Stan Lee has died. He co-created Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America, among others. He died in Los ...

Remember to do vs remember doing: English In A Minute

5 дней назад

Sam's telling us the difference between remember to do and remember doing. Let's hope we remember! Watch the video then answer the question! Which of ...

A walk in the park: The English We Speak

6 дней назад

How will Rob cope with his first park run? Feifei thinks he's going to walk until she realises he's got away with using another authentic English expression that ...

Why do young people feel so lonely? Listen to 6 Minute English

1 недель назад

Visit our website: We all live in an over-crowded world which is fast approaching eight billion people. Despite that many ...

Train of the future: Lingohack

1 недель назад

The story… Train of the future Learn language related to… Power Need-to-know language diesel – heavy oil used as fuel electrification – process of making ...

Body clock linked to breast cancer: News Review

2 недель назад

The story British scientists have discovered that women who naturally get up early are less likely to develop breast cancer. After an eight-year study, research ...

Been vs Gone: English In A Minute

2 недель назад

What's the difference between 'been' and 'gone' - It can be a little confusing! Both are used with the present perfect. Luckily, Sian is here to satisfy your curiosity!

Dumbphone: The English We Speak

2 недель назад

Neil's had enough of his smartphone so he's chosen a less 'intelligent' alternative. But Feifei thinks he's stuck in the past. Find out about a new word for an old ...

Objectification: Is there really a 'perfect body'? Listen to 6 Minute English

2 недель назад

Impossibly attractive and implausibly perfect models in adverts and in movies and on TV you are much more likely to see naked or half-naked women than men.

Dogs could help detect malaria: Lingohack

2 недель назад

The story… Dogs could help detect malaria Learn language related to… Dogs Need-to-know language four-legged friends – informal and endearing way to ...

60% drop in global wildlife: News Review

3 недель назад

The story A new report has blamed mankind's overuse of natural resources for a 60% fall in the global wildlife population in less than 50 years. The conservation ...

Even though vs even if - English In A Minute

3 недель назад

Phil tells how even though and even if are different in this video, even though it can be confusing! Tell us what's wrong with this sentence: Even though I could ...

No fear (Halloween Special): The English We Speak

3 недель назад

Rob wants to go trick or treating for Halloween but Feifei's too scared. Learn a fear-related expression in this programme and find out who is actually brave.

How creative should we be? Listen to 6 Minute English

3 недель назад

The World Economic Forum forecasts that by 2020, creativity will be in the top three most important skills for future jobs. This is particularly relevant for younger ...

Laboratory-grown meat - Lingohack

3 недель назад

The story… Laboratory-grown meat Learn language related to… Food Need-to-know language tasty – (adjective) strong, pleasant flavour tastes – (verb) have a ...

Trump says 'no' to migrants: BBC News Review

4 недель назад

The story The Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has urged the authorities in southern Mexico to protect the thousands of migrants making ...

Be going to vs Present continuous: English In A Minute

4 недель назад

Be going to or the present continuous tense? It can be a little confusing! Luckily, Kee is here to keep you in the loop! Let him explain everything! ☺️Visit our ...

Something to chew on - The English We Speak

4 недель назад

Feifei's been working hard to bake some cookies but when Neil tries them he claims there's something to chew on. Is he talking about the cookies or something ...