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Interview reveals Steve Bannon's intentions for Europe | ABC News

2 часа назад

Steve Bannon, former political strategist for Donald Trump, said he plans to work closely with the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban in the run-up to next ...

US-Australian naval base a 'significant pushback' against China's Pacific ambitions | ABC News

3 часа назад

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the US involvement in the redevelopment of a naval base at Manus Island has been at Papua New Guinea's request.

Huw Parkinson serves up some political scraps from 2018 | Insiders

4 часа назад

Not every video sees the light of day the first time round. Time, material and leadership spills can often get in the way. It's time to look back through the Political ...

Mike Pence: US will partner with Australia and PNG on naval base - FULL SPEECH | ABC News

22 часа назад

Vice-President Mike Pence has announced the US will partner with Australia and Papua New Guinea to redevelop the Manus Island naval base amid rising ...

Harry’s Secret | The Twist

1 дней назад

When Annie Birkett goes missing, questions start to surface about her disappearance. It seems her husband, Harry Crawford is hiding something, a secret that ...

As California burns, the President spars with his European counterparts | Planet America

1 дней назад

Read more here: For more from ABC News, click here: Follow us on Twitter: ...

Land rights and native title: What's the difference?

2 дней назад

Land rights and native title aren't the same thing. Dr Heidi Norman, one of the ABC's Top 5 humanities researchers for 2018, explains the difference. Listen to ...

The residents suing the government over 'decrepit' housing | 7.30

2 дней назад

In the remote community of Santa Teresa in central Australia, dozens of residents are suing the Northern Territory government over the state of their public ...

Japanese Prime Minister makes historic visit to Darwin | ABC News

2 дней назад

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has become the first Japanese leader to visit the city that it repeatedly bombed in WWII, killing more than 230 people.

Rebel Wilson's legal battle ends as High Court rejects appeal over defamation payout | ABC News

2 дней назад

Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson has failed in her bid for her appeal case to be heard in the High Court of Australia, bringing her legal battle "to a definitive end".

Our online searches reflect our true selves | Download This Show

2 дней назад

Alone with a screen people tell Google things they don't reveal to social media; they even reveal things they don't tell anybody else. On DTS meet Seth ...

Theresa May fighting for Brexit and her political future | ABC News

2 дней назад

The British Prime Minister is fighting for her political life after a string of Government resignations over her Brexit plan. Read more here: ...

Brexit Minister Dominic Raab resigns over Theresa May's deal to leave European Union | ABC News

3 дней назад

Britain's Brexit minister Dominic Raab has resigned in protest against Prime Minister Theresa May's deal for leaving the European Union. Read more here: ...

Former tennis player John Newcombe’s advice to his younger self | 7.30

3 дней назад

John Newcombe is one of the greatest Aussie tennis players of all time. He reflects on his formative years. Read more here: For more from ABC News, click here: ...

Mining companies in WA are once again competing for workers | 7.30

3 дней назад

Recruitment specialists say mining companies, desperate for workers in remote areas, are again turning to FIFO workers from the eastern states, but are unlikely ...

Is China using debt-trap diplomacy to wield its influence around the world? | ABC News

3 дней назад

China is pumping billions into developing countries around the world to help fund and build major infrastructure projects. President Xi Jinping flagship economic ...

California's wildfire death toll rises past 50, more than 100 still missing | ABC News

3 дней назад

The death toll from the devastating California wildfires has risen to at least 58, after the remains of eight more victims were found. Read more here: ...

Scott Morrison is set to meet Malaysia's Prime Minister today at the ASEAN summit | ABC News

3 дней назад

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to meet Malaysia's Prime Minister today at the ASEAN summit in Singapore. Security and humanitarian issues will be on the ...

Fiji election: Frank Bainimarama's FijiFirst party well ahead | ABC News

3 дней назад

Provisional results from Fiji's national election show Frank Bainimarama's incumbent FijiFirst party has lost some ground, but is still well ahead of its rivals.

Formerly conjoined twins 'bum shuffle' back together after surgery | ABC News

3 дней назад

Separated twins Nima and Dawa insist on having 'legs intertwined' after surgery. Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa do not like to be far from one another ...

IS fighter with strong family links to Australia is sentenced to death | ABC News

3 дней назад

An Islamic State (IS) fighter with strong family links to Australia has been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court after making detailed admissions about the ...