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Venezuela protests: 'Four dead' ahead of mass protest - BBC News

13 часа назад

Four people have reportedly died in overnight clashes ahead of mass opposition protests in Venezuela. Hundreds of thousands are expected to join a march on ...

Niagara Falls becomes a 'winter wonderland' - BBC News

18 часа назад

The world-famous waterfall is transformed into a winter wonderland as a cold snap presents shivering tourists with breathtaking views. Please subscribe HERE ...

What is the future for these conjoined twins? - BBC News

19 часа назад

At two years and eight months, they live in Cardiff, having moved with their father, Ibrahima Ndiaye, 50, from their birth place of Senegal. It's been a journey of ...

"Instagram helped kill my daughter"- BBC News

1 дней назад

Molly Russell, 14, took her own life in 2017. When her family looked into her Instagram account they found distressing material about depression and suicide.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: 'I'm a mother, not a superwoman' - BBC News

2 дней назад

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire having a newborn baby works "beautifully" with her role in politics. She is ...

'Australia's culinary queen' whips up her next venture - BBC News

2 дней назад

If you like making quick, healthy and gorgeous meals, there is a good chance you have used one of Donna Hay's recipes. Widely known as "Australia's culinary ...

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's response to the PM's statement - BBC News

3 дней назад

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn condemns the car bomb in Londonderry at the weekend. He says that Parliament "cannot take for granted" the Good ...

UK PM Theresa May's Brexit statement- BBC News

3 дней назад

Theresa May says concerns have been expressed about leaving the EU without a deal, with calls for it to be ruled out. She says the best way to rule out a no ...

Would you give bats a home in your fridge? - BBC News

3 дней назад

It's cold, it's hibernation season but these bats aren't getting the sleep they need. Zoologists in Belarus are letting them hang out in their fridge and helping them ...

Why does a ‘super blood wolf moon’ lunar eclipse have such a complicated name? - BBC News

3 дней назад

From the 20 to 21 January, a total lunar eclipse nicknamed a “super blood wolf moon” will occur. But how does a lunar eclipse take place and what gives this ...

Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms - BBC News

4 дней назад

At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They're known as hikikomori.

The North Korean women who had to escape twice - BBC News

5 дней назад

Trafficked into the sex industry after defecting from North Korea, two young women spent years in captivity before finally getting the chance to escape. Please ...

Ukrainian soldier: 'I couldn't say I was gay' - BBC News

6 дней назад

The LGBT community in Ukraine is often under attack but one volunteer soldier has gone public about his sexuality. Viktor Pylypenko, 31, decided to come out ...

Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? - BBC News

6 дней назад

Selling sex is said to be the oldest profession in the world. But now a new take on prostitution is causing controversy. Brothels full of sex dolls are opening all ...

Huge pet crocodile kills keeper - BBC News

6 дней назад

An Indonesian woman has been mauled to death by a pet crocodile. The 4.4m-long reptile was thought to have been kept illegally at a pearl farm. Deasy Tuwo ...

The Murder of Zainab Ansari: One Year On.. - BBC News

7 дней назад

The murder and rape this time last year of a 6 year old girl called Zainab in Pakistan caused outrage. There were angry riots on the streets of the city she lived in, ...

Baby Shark: The toddler tune taking over your world - BBC News

7 дней назад

With its catchy tune and cute graphics, Baby Shark is no ordinary children's song, and its producers have big plans. But the song that's driving millions to ...

Brexit: Theresa May gives Downing Street statement - BBC News

7 дней назад

The prime minster has called on MPs to "put self-interest aside" and "work constructively together" to find a way forward for Brexit. Theresa May said she had met ...

Rahaf Mohammed: Saudi teen's first public statement in Canada - BBC News

7 дней назад

Rahaf Mohammed has told Canadian media she'll work in support of women's freedom around the world. The 18-year-old made her first public statement since ...

Jeremy Corbyn responds to confidence vote - BBC News

1 недель назад

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says last night the House rejected the government's Brexit deal and a week ago voted to condemn the idea of a no-deal ...

PM Theresa May addresses MPs - BBC News

1 недель назад

Theresa May addresses MPs, saying she will start meetings tonight with senior parliamentarians over Brexit negotiations. Please subscribe HERE ...