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Bollywood bridal wear and high-end fashoin vocabulary: Lingohack

2 часа назад

The story… Bollywood bridal wear Learn language related to… High-end fashion Need-to-know language: luxury – expensive and high-quality in demand ...

Google fined $57million under data law - BBC News Review

1 дней назад

France has fined Google $57 million for breaching new European Union laws on data and content. It's the biggest penalty so far for breaking the laws. French ...

Are you big on small talk? Learn what it means in The English We Speak

1 дней назад

What should you talk about when you meet someone for the first time? Here's a phrase to learn that describes making informal conversation about not much.

By vs until: What's the difference? - English In A Minute

2 дней назад

Kee's going to explain the differences between until and by. Give us 60 seconds and we'll give you the English! Is this sentence correct, or not? “I'll have to keep ...

Is music getting faster? Listen to 6 Minute English

6 дней назад

Music producers are adapting their songs for modern technology. Researchers have found long instrumental introductions to pop songs have become almost ...

Frozen in time: Inside London's ice well: Lingohack

1 недель назад

The story… Discovering London's history Learn language related to… Trade Need-to-know language supplying – providing something to someone who wants ...

Trump's fast food feast: BBC News Review

1 недель назад

President Trump has bought hamburgers and pizzas for a college football team visiting the White House - blaming the government shutdown for the takeaway ...

How to use the future continuous: English In A Minute

1 недель назад

Tom explains the future continuous tense in today's English in a Minute! Is this sentence correct or not? “This time tomorrow, I will be sleep in my bed.” ☺️Visit ...

A bright spark: The English We Speak

1 недель назад

Rob thinks there's an English expression that applies to him but he's in for a surprise when he finds that it also has a negative meaning. Feifei is on hand to set ...

Are there benefits to schadenfreude? Listen to 6 Minute English

2 недель назад

You'll find the transcript and vocabulary on our website: Do you take ...

Is screen use really bad for kids? Watch Lingohack to find out.

2 недель назад

The story… Is screen use really bad for kids? Learn language related to… Technology and health Need-to-know language digital entertainment – entertainment ...

Why are female penguins getting stranded? Watch News Review

2 недель назад

Scientists think they may have discovered why thousands of penguins who get stranded on South American coasts are predominantly female. Neil and Tom ...

To be all downhill - The English We Speak

2 недель назад

Rob's very pleased with himself. He's done all his work and it's only Wednesday! Does this mean it's all downhill until the weekend? Feifei is about to spoil his ...

Actually vs at the moment - What's the difference? English In A Minute

3 недель назад

James will help you judge when to use 'actually' and when to use 'at the moment'. Watch the video then solve the problem below! Do you complete this ...

Would you eat less meat to save the environment? Listen to 6 Minute English

3 недель назад

Could you eat less meat and adopt a diet based on vegetables and fruit to help save the environment? Neil and Catherine talk about a new diet, known as ...

Taking a look at eye yoga: Lingohack

3 недель назад

The story… Taking a look at eye yoga Learn language related to… Eyesight Need-to-know language eye strain – feeling of pain and tiredness in the eye after ...

Happy New Year from News Review! It's our 2018 review

3 недель назад

What a great year it has been for News Review. Join all our presenters as they talk about their favourite moments from the 2018 News Review programmes...

Fireworks: The English We Speak

3 недель назад

Rob's off to a New Year's Eve party which is going to be interesting – there's going to be fireworks but not the kind he was expecting. Luckily Feifei is on hand to ...

Remember vs remind: English In A Minute

3 недель назад

Dan discusses the differences between 'remember' and 'remind'. Watch the video then solve the problem below! Is this sentence correct? If not, why not?

Michelle Obama and her mission to inspire women: 6 Minute English

4 недель назад

Michelle Obama left the White House with her husband, President Barack Obama, in 2016, but she's still very much in the news. In a recent visit to the UK to ...

Clothing and the environment: Lingohack

4 недель назад

The story… Clothing and the environment Learn language related to… Waste Need-to-know language * junked – discarded or destroyed * scrapped – disposed ...