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We need an education & training 'revolution' to adapt to changing nature of work | RN Breakfast

14 часа назад

Australian workplaces are facing a major disruption over the next 20 years, as technology and automation force workers to constantly re-skill. A new report from ...

Women take factory jobs to save for a home (1961) | RetroFocus

16 часа назад

According to these working women, one wage wasn't enough to buy a home in 1961. A reporter asked what effect their jobs had on their marriage and children.

When does activism turn into terrorism? Farmers vs animal rights group Aussie Farms | RN Breakfast

1 дней назад

Farmers are calling for the animal rights group Aussie Farms to be stripped of its charity status and have its Facebook page taken down. The group launched an ...

Greens MP admits to illegal drug use and advocates pill testing | RN Breakfast

1 дней назад

Calls to trial pill testing are intensifying after six people died at music festivals across the country. In Victoria, a group of 11 upper house cross benchers are ...

Fire seasons in Australia are getting longer and more intense

1 дней назад

Bushfires can be so intense they can create their own weather systems, sparking even more fires. What is the science behind bushfires? What does it need to ...

Scott Morrison announces Endeavour replica to circumnavigate Australia | ABC News

2 дней назад

The Federal Government will give $6.7 million to the Australian National Maritime Museum so its replica of Endeavour can circumnavigate the country, stopping ...

Australian doctor leading global campaign against big tobacco | 7.30

2 дней назад

It might surprise you to know the global finance industry still works hand in glove with the tobacco industry. Big insurers insure it, big banks lend to it, and many ...

Three things I know about being attacked by a shark

2 дней назад

Former Navy Diver Paul de Gelder resigned himself to death when a shark attacked him in Sydney Harbour. Can you guess the number one question people ...

Road testing the 1974 Holden LH Torana | RetroFocus

2 дней назад

In this episode of 'Torque' from April 1974, Peter Wherrett and racer Sue Ransom road test the LH Torana and ask: is it a big small car or a small big car?

The strict male guardianship laws controlling Saudi women | What's Going On?

2 дней назад

Saudi teenager Rahaf Alqunun captured the world's attention when she fled from her family in Kuwait, fearing she would be harmed or killed by her family for ...

What is the oldest song in the world? | What Is Music

3 дней назад

These days we think we've got every song at our fingertips, but here's one we don't have - the oldest song in the world. Linda Marigliano from What is Music ...

No-deal Brexit preparations step up at Britain's ports

4 дней назад

Trials for a no-deal Brexit are underway at the UK's busiest ports as the clock ticks on towards the March deadline to leave the European Union. For businesses ...

Kelly O'Dwyer announces her retirement from Federal Parliament at the upcoming election | ABC News

5 дней назад

Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer has announced she will be quitting federal politics at the upcoming federal election. Ms O'Dwyer was elected in 2009 to the ...

Australian drones help deliver life-saving vaccines to remote areas of Vanuatu | ABC News

5 дней назад

The Australian Government is funding a program to deliver vaccines into remote villages using drones. The drones, developed by Australian company Swoop ...

How 'Trump responders' use the President's influence to bolster their social profile | The World

6 дней назад

It's no secret that US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. He is one of the most followed accounts in the world, which presents a golden opportunity for ...

Shocking footage of restrained aged care residents prompts new regulations | 7.30

6 дней назад

Imagine you discovered your parents, or grandparents, were being tied to chairs for 14 hours, or were being drugged without record to keep them under control ...

Why Australia keeps changing prime ministers | Politics Explained

7 дней назад

The country has seen a lot of leadership changes in the last decade. Julia Gillard toppled Kevin Rudd, who returned the favour three years later. He then lost the ...

Irwin family furious at Queensland Govt for allowing crocodile eggs to be harvested | ABC News

7 дней назад

The family of wildlife campaigner the late Steve Irwin is throwing celebrity and financial might against the Queensland Government over crocodile eggs.

Nairobi witness didn't know whether to tell loved ones not to worry, or say goodbye | ABC News

1 недель назад

Simon Crump, an Australian who was in the complex when it was attacked by Islamic extremists, says he and his colleagues barricaded themselves in their ...

Does Australia have the most venomous creatures in the world? | Did You Know?

1 недель назад

Australia has a reputation as being home to the deadliest or most venomous creatures in the world. There's plenty of videos and stories online making the claims ...

British Parliament overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal | ABC News

1 недель назад

The House of Commons has voted 432-202 to defeat Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed deal to leave the European Union. After the vote, Mrs May ...