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Venezuela's Juan Guaido declares himself president amid anti-Maduro protests

2 минут назад

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president on Wednesday surrounded by thousands of supporters. Minutes later U.S. ...

LIVE: Police in Sebring, FL update after shots fired inside SunTrust Bank

20 минут назад

Police in Sebring, Fla. are going to update the situation after a suspect reportedly fired shots inside a SunTrust Bank branch Wednesday afternoon.

Trump says he's 'not surprised' Pelosi won't permit SOTU amid shutdown

44 минут назад

U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was "not surprised" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said they would not consider a resolution for him to deliver a ...

Trump takes questions on Cohen, SOTU and China

46 минут назад

U.S. President Donald Trump took questions on Wednesday about multiple topics, including Michael Cohen delaying his testimony to the House of ...

Prince William opens up about mental health issues

1 часа назад

Prince William opened up about his mental health issues on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2018 that resulted from his air ambulance work, saying he was dealing with "a ...

Police clash with anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela

1 часа назад

Police clashedwith anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela on Wednesday as the U.S. announced it recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's ...

McConnell slams controversy surrounding MAGA hat-wearing teens

2 часа назад

U.S. Senate Majority Leader slammed a "fact-free rush to judgment" by people with regards to the controversy surrounding Covington Catholic High School ...

Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdogan meet in the Kremlin

2 часа назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met in Moscow on Wednesday (January 23) to hold talks on various issues including ...

U2's Bono tells World Economic Forum: "Capitalism is a wild beast"

2 часа назад

Bono, U2 singer and co-founder of the One campaign, described capitalism as "a wild beast" that can do much harm if not tamed. He made the comments during ...

Chrystia Freeland: Too easy to blame your problems on "people who don't look like you"

2 часа назад

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke against rising global populism and negative attitudes towards migration at the World Economic Forum ...

Kevin McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi 'playing politics' when it comes to State of the Union

2 часа назад

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that his colleagues across the aisle have not come up with any counter offers to President Trump's plan ...

Court sets bond of $500,000 for nurse charged in assault case of incapacitated woman

2 часа назад

36-year-old Nathan Sutherland appears in court after he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman who then gave birth at the ...

Supporters rally for president as anti-Maduro protests held in Venezuela

3 часа назад

Venezuelan supporters of President Nicolas Maduro rally in the streets of Caracas as opposition groups take to the streets to protest against the government.

Venezuelans protest Maduro government amid unrest in country

3 часа назад

Protesters in Venezuela hurled various objects at police and chanted slogans on Wednesday as thousands turned out for protests against the Nicolas Maduro ...

Police clash with striking taxi drivers in Madrid

4 часа назад

Spanish taxi drivers demanding more regulations for app-based ride-hailing services blocked access to a trade exhibition center in Madrid where a major ...

'We are a country of rule and law' Trudeau on Meng Wanzhou extradition

4 часа назад

Justin Trudeau was asked about comments from Canada's Ambassador to China, John McCallum regarding Meng Wanzhou's extradition to the U.S., saying ...

Ottawa to fund mental health services at La Loche high school

5 часа назад

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says $2.2 million will be spent over five years to help people at a northern Saskatchewan school recover from a deadly shooting.

James Gandolfini's son to play 'Tony Soprano' in prequel movie

5 часа назад

Tony Soprano, the iconic character popularized by James Gandolfini, is set to be re-born by the late actor's son, Michael Gandolfini, in an upcoming prequel to ...

Male nurse arrested after patient in vegetative state gave birth: Arizona police

5 часа назад

Police in Arizona announced Wednesday the arrest of a suspect in the case of an incapacitated woman who gave birth at a care home, saying he was a practical ...

Canadian ambassador: Huawei exec has strong case to fight extradition to U.S.

5 часа назад

John McCallum, Canada's ambasssador to China, told Chinese-language media in a closed-door meeting that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou can make “strong ...

White House non-committal on Senate shutdown bill

5 часа назад

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders didn't say whether President Donald Trump will veto a bill that's in the Senate to reopen the government through ...