Here in Britain, Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, have left the hospital in London where she gave birth to their third child.

The baby boy is fifth in line to the throne. Well-wishers cheered as the family appeared in front of the press before they drove off to Kensington Palace.
A statement said Catherine and her new son are both doing well.

happened or developed
 The CEO was forced to resign when the scandal unfolded.
 No one knew how the situation would unfold, so everyone kept quiet and waited.

fewer in number than
 I voted to stay but I was outnumbered by those who wanted to leave.
 City were outnumbered by United after their defender was sent off.

goes into meltdown
goes out of control
 He goes into meltdown every time we mention a mistake he's made.
 The website went into meltdown within minutes. Too many people wanted tickets.

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